Access Requests in MyFunding

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When an individual needs added to MyFunding or requires a different level of MyFunding access, contact the PERISTM Team at with the request. Please note: The email request should be from the head research administrator (i.e., department administrator) and … Read More

R&R Subaward Budget Form Tips

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As a reminder of the SF-424 update on January 26, 2022, please continue to use one of the following tips for including the Research and Related (R&R) Subaward Budget form for NIH FORMS-G submissions in MyFunding. Tip No. 1 Use … Read More

Conflict of Interest-related Emails

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The PERIS™ Team has been receiving Conflict of Interest-related emails that are more appropriately addressed by the Pitt Conflict of Interest Division. Please contact the Conflict of Interest Division at for questions regarding the following topics: • CITI COI … Read More

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