How can I contact the PERIS™ team for assistance?

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The PERIS™ team has a dedicated email,, which is continuously monitored during normal business hours by the entire PERIS™ team. Use of this email ensures that users will receive timely assistance and allows the PERIS™ team to track all incoming requests, trends, and system issues. Sending emails directly to members of the PERIS™ team can result in delayed responses and can impact the team’s ability to track trends or widespread system issues that may require immediate action.

The PERIS™ team can also be reached by calling the Office of Research’s main telephone number 412-624-7400.

To contact the PERIS™ team with suggestions, comments or to ask general questions about the PERIS™ project, please contact us by clicking here.

For any questions related to the PERIS™ project, using MyFunding, or to arrange training, please email, or visit the project website for more information.
To sign-up for the PERIS ™ Listserv, please visit

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