How do I enter a proposal into the MyFunding module when the Principal Investigator has continuous submission privileges?

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) allow members of peer review committees and advisory groups to submit under its continuous submission policy (Notice NOT-OD-17-042). This privilege allows eligible members, in accordance with the continuous submission policy, to submit grant proposals, outside of the funding opportunity announcement (FOA) standard due dates.

When a funding proposal is being processed as a system-to-system/ via Click Grants (SF-424) proposal in the MyFunding module, the standard due date associated with the FOA is automatically entered for the funding proposal.

To change the application submission deadline for a funding proposal being submitted under the continuous submission policy, follow the instructions below.

Go to the ‘Submission Dates’ page in the funding proposal and manually change the ‘Application submission deadline’ date to reflect the date the principal investigator will submit the funding proposal and click Save.

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