How Do I Enter the Indirect Cost Base Type on my Award in MyFunding?

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Indirect costs (also known as IDC, F&A costs, or overhead costs) are those costs associated with the conduct of sponsored projects that are incurred for common or joint objectives and therefore are not readily identifiable with a specific project.

The University has a federally negotiated rate agreement that outlines the approved IDC rate for use in sponsored research, instruction and training, and other sponsored activities. To view the current rate agreement, click here.

When establishing an award in MyFunding, it is important to select the correct ‘Indirect Cost Base Type’ to ensure that the IDC rate is applied correctly to all of the budget categories.

MyFunding has the following three ‘Indirect Cost Base Types’:

1. Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC)
2. Total Direct Costs (TDC)
3. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Training Grant

Please note: The Indirect Cost Base Type impacts how IDC rates are applied to each subcode on the ‘Budget Reconciliation’ (formerly the Form 0202) page. Each Indirect Cost Base Type in MyFunding has been programmed in accordance with the current rate agreement.

To enter the ‘Cost Base Type’ on an award in MyFunding, follow the below steps:

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