How Do I Get MyFunding Training?

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The PERIS™ team offers training for research administrators and faculty who would like to learn more about proposal and award processing in MyFunding. Various types of training are available:

Quick Guides
Quick Guides are available on the PERIS™ website. The guides provide step-by-step instructions for processing proposal and award actions in MyFunding.

YouTube Training Videos
YouTube training videos are available on our YouTube Channel to assist users with actions in MyFunding.

Tips of the Week
Every Wednesday, a tip of the week is sent to the PERIS™ listserv. The tips often address topics that are trending in the PERIS™ helpdesk. Announcements and training sessions details are also distributed to the listserv and housed on the PERIS™ website.
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Topic-Specific Training
The PERIS™ team offers topic-specific training for research administrators. Training sessions are located on the PERIS™ website and communicated via email to the PERIS™ listserv.

Department-Specific Training
To schedule department-specific MyFunding training, please contact Eric Larson, Training Resource & Help Desk Lead, at

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