IMPORTANT NOTICE – Required Use of PERIS™ Module, MyFunding on March 19, 2018

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Dear Research Administrators and Faculty:

I am excited to report that more than 160 funding proposals have been developed, routed for signature, and submitted to funding agencies using the MyFunding module in the PERIS™ solution, since its initial rollout in November 2017.

Effective March 19, 2018, all types of funding proposals (federal and non-federal grants, federal contract proposals, and clinical and corporate proposals) will be required to go through MyFunding. Only Program Project grants (Ps), Cooperative agreements (Us), and SPORE grants can be submitted to the agency through ASSIST while the Office of Research internal information for these proposals will require routing through MyFunding. Exceptions to using MyFunding will not be granted after March 18, 2018.

The PERIS™ team and the Office of Research staff have been working with the research community to try and accommodate any special circumstances and needs for developing, routing, and submitting funding proposals outside the module during this transition and learning phase. However, approving these exception requests cannot continue for too much longer. The most effective way to learn and to get comfortable with the MyFunding module is to use it. From now until March 19, exceptions to using MyFunding will be limited.

MyFunding allows for the administrative parts of a funding proposal to be developed and routed for review and approval separately from the scientific parts of the funding proposal. Because of this feature, the goal is to allow the routing of the administrative and budgetary pieces of the proposal to the Office of Research while the principal investigator continues working on the scientific parts, so that the final submission of the scientific parts to the Office of Research is closer (day prior) to the agency deadline. This shortened internal deadline cannot happen until research administrators and faculty are using MyFunding consistently and comfortably. Thus, the current internal 4-day Office of Research MyFunding proposal deadline for a completed proposal will remain in place until MyFunding is being used consistently and comfortably.

I encourage you to attend MyFunding training, seek assistance from the PERIS™ team and trainer as needed, and use MyFunding, so that we can achieve our university and collective goal of shortened deadlines for receiving the scientific parts of the proposal to the Office of Research.

If you have questions or need more information at any time about the PERIS™ Portal or the MyFunding module, please contact Christine McClure, Associate Director for PERIS™ Solution, at or 412-624-7098. To arrange individual or group training, please contact Christine or email At the end of this email are important links for using the live MyFunding site or for viewing and practicing within the module.

Please forward this email to others in your unit who may need this information. Thank you for your continued partnership on the PERIS™ project!

Best regards,

Jennifer Woodward

Jennifer E. Woodward, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research Operations
Professor of Surgery and Immunology

University of Pittsburgh
Office of Research
123 University Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


To access the live PERIS™ portal and the MyFunding Module:
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