In What Ways Does the Office of Research use the ‘Personnel’ Page in MyFunding?

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The ‘Personnel’ page of an award in MyFunding is used to capture all personnel listed on an award. The information on this page is used to assist the Specialist with the review of the award in the following areas:

1. To comply with sponsor terms and federal requirements in regard to restricted party screening
2. To confirm that all ‘Conflict of Interest’ (COI) annual disclosures are current.
3. To screen all personnel through ‘E-Verify’ in accordance with federal regulation (for federal contracts).

When establishing an award, please review the ‘Personnel’ page to confirm that all of the personnel who are involved in the project are listed. If individuals are missing or need to be removed, follow the below steps to update the page.

To add individuals to the ‘Personnel’ page, enter the individual’s last name into the search box and click ‘Find’:

To remove individuals from the ‘Personnel’ page, click on the ‘X’ in the ‘Remove Row’ column:

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