Is my Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) supported by the MyFunding module?

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A system-to-system submission is an electronic submission where all components of the funding proposal are completed and submitted within the MyFunding module to

To confirm that a specific Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is supported by the MyFunding module and can be submitted as a system-to-system submission, follow the below instructions:
On the ‘General Proposal Information’ page of the funding proposal, question 3, select ‘ via Click Grants (SF424)’, as shown below:

On the ‘Federal Grant Information’ page, enter one of the following: Opportunity ID (PA or RFA Number), CFDA Number, or the Competition ID, and click ‘Find’, as shown below:

The opportunities matching the entry will be displayed. Select the appropriate opportunity for the proposal submission, as shown below:

The ‘Funding Opportunity Announcement’ page will provide the following information:
• status on whether the FOA can be submitted as a system-to-system submission
• list of all forms associated with the opportunity
• a link to the instructions for submission to that opportunity

If the FOA is not fully supported as a system-to-system submission, question 3 on the ‘General Proposal Information’ page will need to be changed to ‘Other (Submitted by Office of Research)’, and a portion of the funding proposal will need to be submitted via ASSIST or via Workspace.

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