Multi-PI Certifications

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Funding proposals that have more than one Principal Investigator (PI) require a PI Certification from each PI.

A ‘PI Certification Request’ is sent to all individuals with the role of PI/PD when the below steps are completed. PI Certification is the only component of a funding proposal that must be completed by a Principal Investigator (PI). Funding proposals cannot be submitted to a sponsor without a completed PI Certification for all PIs listed on a funding proposal, and these certifications are required to be completed in addition to the funding proposal at least four (4) business days prior to the sponsor deadline.

Once all of the proposal documents have been finalized and uploaded into the funding proposal in MyFunding, the Department Administrator should execute one of the following two activities to trigger the PI Certification for the PI:

2. For funding proposals being submitted within MyFunding as ‘Other Submitted by Office of Sponsored Programs’ (ex: NSF FastLane) or ‘Other Submitted by Department’ (ex. Pitt as a subrecipient to another university), the activity ‘Submit Proposal Documents’ should be used:

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