MyFunding Award Activations Now Available

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The PERIS™ team is excited to announce the launch of Award Activations in the MyFunding module. MyFunding has been updated to provide a wide variety of new resources and functionality to the research community for all federal, non-federal, corporate and foundation awards.

New Functionality:
• Prepare, review and route Create-New-Award, including the ability to complete the budget, incorporate sponsor terms and conditions, and establish deliverables
• Create and route Creating-a-Continuation-Proposal to the Office of Research
• Submit award modification requests for existing awards, including, but not limited to, no-cost extensions (NCEs), change of principal investigator (PI), and requests for carryover
• Electronic smartform to collect information for Corporate Research Agreements and to replace the paper Corporate Research Agreement Submission Form
• Request Requesting-an-Advance-Account(previously known as Early Account Requests) for a funding proposal or after the submission of a progress report
Requesting-a-Subaccount for an existing award

Integration with Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA)
The MyFunding module has also been integrated with SPA’s accounting system, Research and Proposal Accounting (RPA). MyFunding sends award details electronically to RPA and receives account numbers into MyFunding from RPA. When account numbers are received by MyFunding, the Principal Investigator (PI), department administrator, and all award editors on the main award receive a notification with the account number(s) included.

InfoEd Conversion
Active Projects
As part of this launch, active projects have been converted from InfoEd into MyFunding. Each converted active project record in MyFunding has a specific prefix along with the InfoEd award number (I#) for easy identification of converted records. The specific prefix for converted awards is “CNVA” followed by the project I#. For example, CNVA0010745.

Closed Projects
The next conversion of InfoEd data into MyFunding is scheduled for the week of March 11th, so that all projects closed on or after July 1, 2017 are converted from InfoEd into MyFunding. This conversion will occur on Friday, March 15th and will be completed by March 17, 2019. The closed projects will be presented in the same format in MyFunding as active converted projects. For example, CNVA0010745.
If a record is missing from MyFunding or falls outside of the above conversion, please contact the PERIS™ team at

New Quick Guides and Updated Glossary
New Quick Guides for award activations and an updated glossary to incorporating terminology associated with award activations have been released. To access the Quick Guides, please click here. To access the glossary, please click here.

Additional Training Sessions and Contact Information
If you have not already participated in training for award activations, additional training sessions are being planned. Please stay tuned for more information.

If you need assistance with any of the new MyFunding functionalities and/or InfoEd converted records, please contact the PERIS™ team at

We value your feedback. If you have suggestions for future enhancements to the MyFunding module, please submit these suggestions via our suggestions form.

To sign-up for the PERIS ™ Listserv, please click here.

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