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MyFunding Updates June 2019

In response to user feedback, the MyFunding module has been updated to incorporate the following changes:

1. Email Award Editors’ Notification Updated
The Principal Investigator (PI) will no longer receive an email notification when this activity is executed.

2. Continuation (Progress Report):
Addition of the following fields:
a. Sponsor Continuation (Progress Report) Due Date
b. Department Administrator

Ability to list current personnel on the ‘Level of Effort & Budgeting’ page and to capture the annual COI disclosure date for current personnel.

Revised the Continuations (Progress Report) Quick Guide. To view the quick guide, click here.

3. Addition of ‘Total Direct, Total Indirect and Total Costs’ (to be completed by the ‘Specialist’ during award set-up)
Required entry of the total direct and indirect costs for the entire award (see below).

Please note: If the Continuation (progress report) was created prior to June 9, 2019, department administrator and total direct, total indirect, and total costs will not show in either the workspace or user inbox.

4. Addition of ‘Primary Location of Sponsored Activity’ (to be completed by the ‘Department Administrator’)
This data was previously captured on the 202 for SPA to complete account activation and is now captured on the ‘General Award Information’ page (see below).

5. Advance Account Requests
MyFunding was updated to allow advance accounts to be requested on a funding proposal only after it reaches “Pending Sponsor Review” state and not while in draft or in any review state.

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