Reminder: How to Use the ‘Create-Update SF424’

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Reminder: How to Use the ‘Create-Update SF424’ Activity in MyFunding

As a reminder, when processing a proposal in MyFunding that will be submitted ‘System-to -System/ via Click Grants (SF424)’, it is necessary to create an ‘SF424’ as part of the funding proposal. The SF424 is a separate component of the funding proposal and is the component that is transmitted directly to the sponsor.

For specifics on how to create the SF424, please see the tip issued on July 11, 2018 by clicking here and the associated Quick Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: Entering data directly onto the SF424 will not update information that was previously entered into the funding proposal, and executing the ‘Update-Create SF424’ activity will overwrite any manual changes entered into the SF424. Therefore, it is imperative not to use the ‘Create-Update SF424’ activity unless absolutely necessary, otherwise, all manually entered data will need to be re-entered into the SF424.

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