REMINDER: New Sponsor/Subrecipient Email Requests

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The PERIS™ Team continues to receive a large number of requests to add new sponsors/subrecipients to MyFunding with incomplete details.
Therefore, as a reminder, when a Sponsor or Subrecipient is not listed in MyFunding, contact the PERIS™ Team at to have the organization added to the module for selection.

Please include the following three (3) items in the email to expedite your request:
1. Funding Proposal number
2. Sponsor/Subrecipient name
3. Sponsor/Subrecipient website
If the Sponsor/Subrecipient does not have a website, please provide a document that includes the sponsor/subrecipient address.

Please note: All the requested information is required to ensure that the organization’s information is accurate in MyFunding.

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