Selecting a Project Purpose in MyFunding

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When developing a funding proposal in the MyFunding module, selecting a project purpose is required. The project purpose is the category that best reflects the activities described in the proposed scope of work for the project. Selecting the category that best describes the purpose of the project is important, so that the correct indirect costs for the project can be applied. The below steps outline how to select a project purpose in MyFunding, and how to access the help text to assist in making the correct determination.

Step 1: Select the Project Purpose
When developing a funding proposal in MyFunding, the project purpose is selected in question 6 on the ‘General Proposal Information’ page, as shown below.

Step 2: Locate the help text for categorizing accurately the purpose of the project
If you are unsure what category to select for the purpose of the project, click on the question mark icon next to the question header for the help text (as indicated above with the red arrow).
A separate box will open with additional information about the question as shown below. To review the help text, use the side bar to scroll through the help text.
A link to an additional reference tool is also available in the help text.

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