Subaccounts in MyFunding

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The PERIS™ MyFunding module has been integrated with Sponsored Project Accounting’s (SPA) system, Research Proposal and Accounting (RPA) to transfer award data from MyFunding to RPA and to electronically receive the account number from RPA into MyFunding.

As a result of this integration, the subaccount process has changed. Subaccounts will now be handled entirely by the Master (aka Parent) department in MyFunding, and it will be the responsibility of the Master department to collect and enter all budget level data into MyFunding for the entire award. This will require the “Master (aka Parent)”department to complete a subaccount request for each subaccount being added to the award and to also complete the “Budget Reconciliation” (formerly Form 0202) in the MyFunding module for each subaccount.

SPA will continue to issue separate account numbers for subaccounts, however, the subaccount departments will receive the account number from the Master (aka Parent) department. The subaccount department will also need to work with the Master (aka Parent) department to make any modifications in MyFunding to the account after it has been issued.

The PERIS™ team has created a quick guide specifically for awards with subaccounts. To view the quick guide, please click here.

If you need assistance with any of the new MyFunding functionalities and/or InfoEd converted records, please contact the PERIS™ team at

We value your feedback. If you have suggestions for future enhancements to the MyFunding module, please submit these suggestions via our suggestions form.

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