The New PERIS™ Website

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The PERIS™ team is excited to announce the launch of our new website that aims to provide a wide variety of resources regarding the PERIS™ project and the associated module, MyFunding.

In addition to the aesthetic redesign of the website, information is now presented, so that users can easily find information relevant to their roles. Newly created resources have also been incorporated into the website, which include

PERIS™ YouTube Channel to provide users with visual training resources;
Help & Support prominently placed on the home page, so that users can connect with a member of the PERIS™ team; and
Alerts & Notifications page where PERIS™ listserv communications, such as Alerts, Known Issues, Project Updates, and Tips, are archived.

We value your feedback, so if you have additional suggestions for future enhancements to the PERIS™ website, please submit them via our suggestions form.

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