What Should I do Before Working on a Converted Record in MyFunding?

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Due to the conversion of records from InfoEd to PERIS™ MyFunding, converted records (CNVAs) can look and function differently than award records (AWDs) created directly in MyFunding.

To avoid complications when working on a converted record, it is important to carefully complete the following review steps prior to performing any action on a converted record:

1. Review all of the demographic information in the converted record for completeness and accuracy (Principal Investigator’s name, department name, sponsor name, award number).
2. Review the budget information before modifications are performed on the record (Note: It is difficult to undo changes to the budget on a converted record once budgetary modifications are performed).
3. Review all compliance information (IRB, IACUC, IP assignment, etc.) (Note: All compliance information was defaulted to ‘No’ during the conversion and thus needs to be updated before the first modification of a converted record). As part of the first modification to a converted record, the Specialist will need to add a ‘Demographic Change’ component to the modification to allow the compliance section of the award to be updated by the department.

If during the course of a review you find information that is incorrect on a converted record, email the PERIS™ team at peristeam@pitt.edu to have the record corrected before requesting a modification to it.

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