Why is the Funding Opportunity Announcement that I want to apply to not showing in MyFunding?

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The MyFunding module of the PERIS™ portal allows users to search for and apply to funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) from a wide variety of federal sponsors. Since the number of FOAs is quite large, only the most common FOAs are pre-loaded into MyFunding, while less common FOAs are not pre-loaded and require a member of the PERIS™ team to add the FOA to MyFunding.

If an FOA is not showing in MyFunding, please contact the PERIS™ team, so that they can add the FOA, if available, into MyFunding.

For any questions related to the PERIS™ project, using MyFunding, or to arrange training, please email peristeam@pitt.edu, or visit the project website for more information.

To sign-up for the PERIS ™ Listserv, please visit https://list.pitt.edu/mailman/listinfo/peris-listserv.

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