Why Isn’t the Annual Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Date Showing Up in MyFunding?

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MyFunding receives a feed from a HSConnect database, allowing the most recent annual COI disclosure date to prepopulate for each individual named in a proposal. There are three reasons why the date would not appear in MyFunding:

1. The individual does not have a completed annual COI disclosure on file. If the individual does not have a COI disclosure on file, one can be completed through the HSConnect website.

2. The individual’s HSConnect profile and University of Pittsburgh email account/profile are not linked. If the profiles are not linked, the COI date will not populate in MyFunding. To link the profiles, please follow the instructions listed in this FAQ.

3. The individual has completed a “Designated Administrator/Staff” disclosure form. MyFunding only populates the COI disclosure dates for individuals who have completed the “Faculty/Researcher” form in HSConnect.

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