How to Prevent Corrupt PDFs in MyFunding

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Corrupted PDF files uploaded in MyFunding with the SF-424 can cause validation errors. Please see the below tips to ensure that corrupted files are not uploaded:

Verify that all PDF attachments can be opened in Adobe before uploading the files in MyFunding

Check the document name for accuracy
(For example, do not name the document “biosketch.doc.doc.pdf”)

If the origin of the document is unknown, resave the file as a PDF (see Figure 1)

Upload flattened versions of the document by following these steps:
1. Open document, select File, and Print.
2. For Printer, select Adobe PDF (see Figure 1)
3. Select Print and re-save document

Figure 1.

If an error is received after the above tips are applied, please contact the PERISTM team at (see Figures 2 and 3 for example error notices).

Figure 2

Figure 3.

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