R&R Subaward Budget Form Tips

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As a reminder of the SF-424 update on January 26, 2022, please continue to use one of the following tips for including the Research and Related (R&R) Subaward Budget form for NIH FORMS-G submissions in MyFunding.

Tip No. 1

Use the ‘Import Subaward Budget’ activity in the SF-424 Workspace to use the R&R Subaward Budget V3.0 form for FORMS-G (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. SF-424 Workspace

Tip No. 2

To use the ‘SF424 Subaward Import’ functionality on the ‘SF-424 Subaward Import’ SmartForm, use the R&R Budget V1.4 form and enter the DUNS number on the SF-424 application. Otherwise, an error will be generated (see Figures 2, 3 & 4).

Figure 2. ‘Subaward Budget Information’ SmartForm

Figure 3. ‘SF-424 Subaward Import’ SmartForm

Figure 4. R&R Subaward Budget Form V3.0 Error Message

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