Change in MyFunding Personnel Compliance Tab FAQs

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As a follow-up to the changes in the MyFunding Personnel Compliance Tab that was released on August 18, 2021, the below frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been generated. This information will be located on the FAQ page of the PERIS™ project website.

1. Why are my Principal Investigator’s CITI training modules showing as ‘Incomplete’ when both the RCR and CITI COI are current?
Only CITI training modules for users who completed the training under a Pitt username will be displayed at this time. The Office of Sponsored Programs Specialist is aware and will manually lookup training modules when necessary.

Please note: Trainings completed under a UPMC email address by employees with dual appointments at Pitt and UPMC will be available in the upcoming months.

2. Does this training tab replace the COI Training Table that was previously required for activation?
No, the CITI COI Training Table is required by OSP prior to award activation. Please contact the Conflict of Interest Office at for more information regarding this topic.

3. What does the IP designation of “On File” indicate?
‘On File’ means the OSP Specialist has the IP assignment information from the Innovation Institute for the employee. Individuals with ‘edit rights’ and/or ‘read-only rights’ do not have the ability to see the date or type of assignment that was signed.

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