How do I Search for an Award Converted from InfoEd into MyFunding?

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Active projects and projects that closed on or after July 1, 2017 have been converted from InfoEd into MyFunding.

Each converted project record in MyFunding has a specific prefix along with the InfoEd award number (I#) for easy identification. The specific prefix for converted awards is “CNVA” followed by zero and the project I# (ex: CNVA00010745).

Additionally, filters are available in MyFunding, so that awards can be sorted by the following: award ID, award state (ex: draft, active), project ID, name (project name), PI first name, PI last name, sponsor, reviewer, award approver, or date modified (as shown below).

If you are looking for a record that has not been converted, please contact the PERIS™ team at, so that the InfoEd record can be added to the MyFunding module.

For any questions related to the PERIS™ project, using MyFunding, or to arrange training, please email, or visit the project website for more information.

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