How to Conduct an Advanced Sponsor Search in MyFunding

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Due to the large number of sponsors, it may be necessary to conduct an advanced search in MyFunding to find a sponsor.
To conduct an advanced search when developing a funding proposal, click on the box with the three ellipses as shown below:

A new window will open:

Search by the sponsor’s official name, for example: National Institutes of Health because sponsors are not listed by abbreviation (i.e. NIH).

If you would like to narrow your search, you can use the % sign as the ‘wildcard’, for example: %National:

Once the appropriate sponsor has been located, select the sponsor and click ‘Ok’ to save:

If the sponsor is not listed, enter the sponsor name into the box as show below, or contact the PERISTM team at to have the sponsor added to the solution for selection:

For additional information on this topic, please review the associated Quick Guide.

For any questions related to the PERIS™ project, using MyFunding, or to arrange training, please email, or visit the project website for more information.

To sign-up for the PERIS ™ Listserv, please visit

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