What Instrument Type Should be Selected in MyFunding for a project Supported by a Federal Contract?

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Most Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) will indicate the type of funding mechanism to be issued if a project is awarded. However, it can be difficult to differentiate whether a project will be supported by a Federal Grant or a Federal Contract.

A reference guide has been prepared to assist in differentiating between the two mechanism types. While both are awarded competitively and authorized by law, both are reviewed and processed differently within the Office of Research.

When preparing a proposal in the MyFunding module, it is important to select the correct instrument type so that the proposal is routed to and reviewed by the correct Office of Research processing team.

The below steps outline how to prepare a funding proposal in MyFunding that will be supported by a Federal Contract.

If the solicitation indicates that the project will be funded by a Federal Contract, select ‘Contract’ as the ‘Instrument Type’ on the ‘General Proposal Information’ page, as shown below:

Likewise, if the University is receiving a subaward/subcontract that will be funded by a Federal Contract, select ‘Subaward/Subcontract’ and say ‘Yes’ to the follow-up question, as shown below:

For additional questions on which instrument type to select, please contact the Grants and Contracts Officer or Federal Contracts Officer assigned to your department.

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